Friday, October 24, 2014

Seven Quick Takes Friday

*Generic comment about what a week it's been

One thing I missed about the blogosphere was Jennifer Fulwiler's Seven Quick Takes Friday.

1. I finally got my car, Brett*, back from the doctors.  His health had been steadily declining for months ever since the ill-fated road trip.  Apparently, it's not a good thing when smoke starts coming out of your vents.

2. This is a picture of River

3. My father came up to help me with the car, and while here we took an afternoon trip to Decorah.  We stopped by the Ice Cave.  Parts of the cave stay icy year-round.  Apparently you can just go right on in.  I'd love to go back with some hiking boots and explore with a group of people*.

Entrance to Ice Cave
4. Speaking of substitute teaching, I'm gonna be doing that.  Just have a few more forms to fill out and I'll be good to go.

5. Sprained an ankle on Thursday.  Don't walk and text guys.  Don't worry, the cellphone's ok.

6. Friday I had to head to Cedar Falls for work.  Here's how that morning was supposed to work:
I would wake up to the first of my four alarms, all bright and cheery.  Eat a quick breakfast, put on some nice clothes and a dab of makeup, hop in my car and head leisurely over to the next town to pick up my coworker.

Here's what really happened:
I woke up an hour late to the sound of my coworker calling me because I was ten minutes late.  Told him to head to Cedar Falls without me and I would meet him there.  I stood up quickly and started limping around my apartment on my newly stiff ankle.  Threw on the first clothes I could find, grabbed some breakfast at the gas station, and drove off into the dense fog.  Two hours later I arrived in Cedar Falls at the same time as the archbishop.  I gave him a quick wave as I hobbled into our large meeting late.

7. Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

*1-I always forget what my car's name is, so he just gets a new one every time.
*2-Be very careful before you agree to go caving with me.  If there are bats it's every woman for herself.  I will leave you or use you as a shield.  You've been warned.

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