Friday, October 10, 2014

My Plan to Meet the Pope (is now a bit dated)

EDIT:This is the one post from the before days I didn't delete.  I was always bizarrely proud of this.

I've developed a foolproof plan to meet Pope Benedict.

Step One:  Go to Rome

Step Two:  Secure a kitten, preferably one that looks like this-
All Images Courtesy Wikipedia

Step Three: Buy some Orange Fanta
Step Four: Make sure you are able to get tickets to the Pope's Wednesday general audience or some other regular event. 

Step Five: Go to said event.  Before you get there, put the cat in your jacket or purse so that these guys-
don't see it.  Make sure the cat is comfortable.  Try to get a seat by the aisle.

Step Six: When Pope Benedict walks by, hold the Orange Fanta and the kitten in the air so he can see them.  Please be gentle with the Kitten.

If everything has gone according to plan then this should happen-
Pope Benedict will see the Fanta and the kitten and will think, 'I do love Fanta and cats.  I'm pretty thirsty and that kitten is adorable.'  He will then say, "Would you like to get together after this and chat about God?" 
You will most likely say, "Hell yeah Why yes, Your Holiness, that would be delightful."

See, foolproof.  No holes in this plan anywhere.


  1. You are too much … funniest thing I’ve read all day! It’s foolproof, definitely, foolproof—no doubt.

  2. I agree with Holly, Definitely funny. I would like to see you try it, then blog about it for us.