Thursday, October 9, 2014

After the Play, or, The Adventure at the Stage Door

After the Play

Guys, Rupert Grint walked right past me.  Like-five feet away.  I stood there unmoving until he was almost completely in his car before I said in the softest most pathetic voice I have ever heard, “RupertcanIpleasegetyour….” and off he went.

A little bit of background is probably necessary here.
 My sister and I were standing outside the stage doors after the play, along with about 3,670 people (only slightly exaggerating here), about half of which were fan girls who had been waiting there for hours for chance to get Rupert Grint’s autograph.  Remembering that one minute in heels is equivalent to ten minutes in my regular shoes, it took about five hours for the actors to come out.  They posed for a group picture and a few sound bytes, and went right back inside.  Yes, it was disappointing.  But actors aren’t required to do the whole stage door autograph thing after a play, and when you consider the fact it was their first performance it makes sense that they would want to buzz on out of there.

Security told everyone that that was it and to leave.  Almost everyone had gone when the stage door opened again and out popped Matthew Broderick.  He seemed dead set on getting out of there (once again, understandable) but did pause for an autograph and photo with the one person who was brave enough to run up to him.  As I was standing there contemplating just how strange it was the Matthew Broderick was just walking down the street with a backpack, another of the actors was sneaking out.  As I was looking at them I heard my sister say, “Ally, look!”  I turned around and there was Grint, making a beeline for his car.
My sister managed to snap a pic of
Rupert Grint as he was getting
into his car.  See that mop
of red hair?

Guys, if you know me you realize just how big of a deal this was.  I have had a celebrity crush on Rupert Grint since I was ten (not gonna lie, the hair has a heck of a lot to do with it.  So does the accent.  Pretty attractive face as well.). And there he was.  And I stood there with my mouth agape like a fish. Because I’m classy like that.

On our final night in New York we decided to see Les Miz, which happened to be across the street from the Schoenfeld.  Both of the shows let out at about the same time. Grint was signing autographs and taking photos this time.  Unfortunately, the mob of people coupled with the heavy police and security prevented this autograph.  I get it, I get it.  Contain the crazy fans and make sure cars can still pass on the street.  Important, I know.  This was the night I got Stock’s autograph (thanks dude!).  And he does legitimately have the most adorable voice I have ever heard.  Seriously.

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