Thursday, October 16, 2014


If you follow Catholic news at all then you know that there has been quite a stir regarding the Extraordinary Synod going on in Rome. I'm not going to give my opinions on how the Synod is going right here, although I do have some rather strong ones.  No, I'm just going to vent on one specific thing.  

For the love of all that is good and holy will the cardinals just please shut up!  

Yes, yes, I know that asking cardinals to shut up (or anyone for that matter) is not a terribly polite thing to do.  I'm beyond caring.  They're acting like children.  Interview after interview has come out of what is essentially grown men bickering back and forth.  Can we please keep the Synod in the Synod?  

And yes, I do know that synods are always messy, that in the history of the church the bishops have always fought with each other.  That does not make it acceptable behavior.  We should be able to trust our that our bishops won't play these petty games.

In conclusion, stop with the interviews, the stupid and offensive statements, and books calling out specific Cardinals right on the cover.  It's one thing for bishops to disagree on something publicly, and I don't think I'm asking too much of our bishops to behave with a bit of decorum.  This is just plain ridiculous. 

You are bishops, the Successors to the Apostles and shepherds of the Church.  Act accordingly.  

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